Saturday, November 13, 2010

New blog!

I've been staying with my GF in St. Paul since wednesday, so thats why the blogs are so few and far between

Anywho, here are my predictions for UFC 122, in case anybody else is an MMA fan. Also, this just in, Alessio Sakara pulled out of his fight like 3 hours before it was set due to illness. More reports will follow.

Light Heavyweight bout: Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Goran Reljic

The betting lines don't seem to align with the talk of this fight, as everybody and their grandma is picking Krzysztof to win. Goran is incredibly underrated, and hasn't looked up to his potential in has past couple of bouts. Goran is the new Cro Cop, with kicks that will register as 7 on the richter scale. Expect toppled buildings and a new germany relief fund after Reljic blasts "The Polish experiment" into the 2nd dimension.

Welterweight bout: Amir Sadollah vs. Peter Sobotta

Amir always puts on a show, but honestly this fight couldn't be less significant. Sobotta is better than the regular 0-2 UFC fighter, but this is a showcase fight for Amir.

Lightweight bout: Dennis Siver vs. Andre Winner

This should be a really interesting standup battle, as we see a Muay Thai Karate hybrid take on some of the fastest hands in the UFC lightweight division. I don't expect this to see this on the ground, and im really RAELLY excited to see how this plays out. Can Siver's unorthodox kicks contain the handspeed of Winner? WHO KNOWS MAN, WHO KN OES.

Middleweight bout: Jorge Rivera vs. Alessio Sakara

I see this as a pickum fight. Im pulling for Sakara, being an Italian, but this fight can go either way. Jorge has the advantage in power with his big right hand, but I see Sakara with virtually every other advantage. Should be a war on the feet, with somebody going to sleep before the fights over. Rivera is also getting pretty old, so if he loses this fight expect him to lose all relevance in the middleweight division. Other observations of note: Rivera has looked good recently fighting C level competition, where Sakara has looked good recently against more high level opponents.

Middleweight bout: Nate Marquardt vs. Yushin Okami

This is a hard fight to call for me. On paper, Nate has too many advantages in too many areas, and should be able to overwhelm Okami late in the fight. However, we've seen Nate in this position before, against a similar opponent, who is actually a training partener for Okami, Chael Sonnen. Okami has the tools to beat MArquardt, with wrestling clinch work and pure muscle, but Okami has been underwhelming in the past. I'd like to pick the upset here, but Okami just doesn't strike me as the type of fighter who comes up big, especially against a fighter as dynamic as Marquardt.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trailer Park Boys

Okay seriously, anybody out there who hasn't seen or heard of this show is missing out. The story of me discovering this show is pretty miraculous in itself. I was up at my cabin with my family, and we went in to town to rent some movies to watch because it was raining. An important thing of note is that the movie store we go to is in a tiny town, and has an awful selection. I couldn't find anything that looked interesting (like every other time) so I picked up the Trailer Park Boys movie, because honestly looking at the cover it looked like one of the worst movies I had ever seen, and I was in the mood for "that" kind of movie.

Long story short I almost died from lack of oxygen, because i'll be damned if I didn't laugh at every single line in that movie.
TLDR go fucking watch Trailer Park Boys.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sorry guys had a really busy day yesterday, and im just sure none of you had any fun because you didnt have my deeply insightful blog posts to cheer you up.

Um yesterday I took some 2ce, and took a bit too much by accident. I didn't look up dosages before I took mine, which is just always a bad idea. 2ce is a psychedillic drug that is currently legal to possess in teh united states. Its hard to find, but if you can I recommend grabbing some. I had some difficulties on my trip, I spent half of it trying to convince myself that I wasn't going crazy, and that the ghosts that I could see in my peripheral vision were going to eventually go away. I wasn't really mentally prepared for the experience I had, and its definitely not something I would recommend for even a seasoned drug user. I took around 30mgs, and honestly 10-15 mgs should be tops.

Im still trying to make sense of what happened, and am tryin to make sure there arent any residual effects of the trip. I still havn't slept since the incident, so maybe once I get some rest ill be able to pull the pieces together.

Oh well seeya next time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


So my GF came to stay with me from Thursday till Sunday, and she just left. The nice part, is that without me asking, and even after me telling her repeatedly that she DIDNT HAVE TO, she cleaned my entire fucking apartment. I cleaned it up to about 80%, but its really that last little bit that takes forever. Shes fucking great for it, and it wasnt even one of those things where somebody does something and than expects something in return, she is just that cool.

I've been thinking a lot about "frame." This is probably a new term for a lot of you. Frame is your perception of the world. Frame effects everything. I believe that one perception of the world CHANGES the world. This ties in with some many things that I cannot hope to cover them in any short amount of time. Look for example at professional athletes. I don't see competition at the highest level as a battle of skill, speed, strength, or technique, but rather as a confrontation of frame. They are competing for perception of the world. Whoever has a stronger frame, whoever believes that they are the best more powerfully than than the other, is going to be the victor. This is not to say that preparation has no effect on who wins, but preparation helps reinforce frame. you are going to better believe that you are the better man, if you put in as much work as you possibly can. Frame is not something that you can fake. Frame is a wider scope of confidence. However, ones frame can lose correlation with the real world. When it does, I believe this is what causes insanity.

I'll post more about this later!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So this week I purchased some "plant food" off of the internet. In actuality, it is mephedrone, a new drug that is very compared to MDMA. I bought 2gs of it, and me and my GF each dosed 150mgs. It was a very great experience, it was exactly like rolling. I lasted about 100 minutes, which is shorter than MDMA, but the second i was off of it, I got really tired and fell asleep! That was great, because normally after dosing MDMA I can't fall asleep for a good 12 hours.

Overall it was great, and I have plenty more. Anybody who wants to know the website I purchased it from let me know and I can send you a link.

Till next time~!

Friday, November 5, 2010


My girlfriend came down from St. Paul to visit me in Rochester for the weekend. It's great, but the only problem was that i had to clean my apartment. For any of you guys that have seen Foul Bachelor Frog, I relate to many many of them. Im probably toned down by one degree, but cleaning my apartment was a back and forth battle. It took me most of yesterday to accomplish, but it was nice being able to see my floor again.

We didn't do a whole lot yesterday, as she didn't get here until about 8 at night. Just hung out at my apartment *wink* Today I took her to my favorite Pho shop in town, than we took a bus down to Target and grabbed some supplies. Tonight she is gonna come watch me at my MMA training, which will be fun. Thats about it for now, im outta here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New art project

Working on a new art project, ill try to get pictures up ASAP. The idea is that I have my main panel, than im going to have another panel coming out of the lower right corner. I am going to make it looks like part of the picture is coming OUT of the painting. It is going to be of a city being attacked by some huge monster (not sure on what monster yet, ideas?) and im going to have the monster half in the picture and half coming out. I could even use a toy monster for this. It will only work if you look at the picture from a certain angle, but i still hope it turns out well.