Friday, November 5, 2010


My girlfriend came down from St. Paul to visit me in Rochester for the weekend. It's great, but the only problem was that i had to clean my apartment. For any of you guys that have seen Foul Bachelor Frog, I relate to many many of them. Im probably toned down by one degree, but cleaning my apartment was a back and forth battle. It took me most of yesterday to accomplish, but it was nice being able to see my floor again.

We didn't do a whole lot yesterday, as she didn't get here until about 8 at night. Just hung out at my apartment *wink* Today I took her to my favorite Pho shop in town, than we took a bus down to Target and grabbed some supplies. Tonight she is gonna come watch me at my MMA training, which will be fun. Thats about it for now, im outta here.


  1. Alack-a-day, I will have to clean my place :((

  2. If you have a girlfriend..why don't you tell her to clean up your appartment? :P just kidding

  3. lol its the same for me! i just stick it all in a cubby out of sight of of mind,